Maverick Photographics was started by two dudes with cameras in 2017 when we wanted to offer high quality photos for affordable prices. "Dedicated to capturing memories, not snapshots." This is not just our motto but also our mission. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality photography in the area and we push for excellence in everything we do.

Chris Breitigan

Chief Photographer

I’ve been around cameras for as long as I can remember. My friends and I used to make videos in high school and that is when my love for creating started. I have a deep passion photography for and delivering the highest quality memories for my clients. I've been shooting for over a decade and look forward to working with you to capture your dreams.

Drew Smith

Senior Project Manager

My key responsibilities are Project coordination, logistics and administrative operations. You’ll mainly find me working alongside Chris behind the scenes and from time to time in the field. I enjoy the world of photography, and have great passion for helping others create memories that will last a lifetime.